"Though the Wind Blows, the Mountain Does Not Move."

Japanese Proverb

Angelic Help for the Soul

Our prayers are answered and I am here to help you identify issues and problems and then ask for Angelic Intercession.

After prayers and meditation, I then focus on you.

First I clear your Akashic records. Focused intuition and dowsing reveal your strengths and the negativity that blocks you. These are cleared by Prayer Request.

This spiritual work I am doing now started some time ago with Arlen Bock, Vanessa Rahlston and Mamie Wheeler. It has had various names, such as Soul Clearing, Soul Genesis and Advanced Angel Clearing. Each practitioner has added their own insights and inspiration.

My purpose is to remove any obstacles and influences that hinder your connection to your Divine. Gain insight and be more able to follow the Grace of Direction for your life.

When you first contact me, I will take some basic information and then check to ensure we are in a soul agreement to work together. We can talk over the phone or in person. Distance is not an obstacle.



Basic Services are listed below:


Soul Awareness Healing with Archangel Michael and his Realm

Discover the dynamic forces in your life. What are your strengths? What are your challenges to your wellbeing? Are you under influences other than Divine?

What Archangel Realms have you chosen to be aligned with this lifetime? Gain insight in relationships and family.

Release of Karma prayers and other prayers to clear the slate so you can more easily move forward on your life purpose. Personal shield repair and assistance with removing negative influences.

It usually takes an hour plus to prepare. Then around 1-2 hours to go over everything. At that time we work together as spiritual partners because the prayers we say will change the universe.



Chakra Repair

12 Chakras, including the minor emotional Chakras and the Subtle bodies are evaluated and repairs are initiated by prayer request to Angelic realms. Chakras that are damaged and not operating optimally can produce emotional issues and blocks to positive expression along with physical issues. Miasms (negative energy imprints) are removed by prayer request.

The traditional seven correspond to your physical body. The additional 8 - 12th chakras represent your upper chakras or ascending chakras. Your chakras may be blocked, broken or just not entirely 100% open or just spinning incorrectly. I discover the exact condition of each one so my prayer request is an exact one.

Preparation time for me is 1 hour plus. We go over the size, rotation, and openess of all 12 Chakras. Both sides are done for Chakras 2 - 6 and subtle body condition. In a few days I check back and tell you when the repairs are done and how your results have changed. The Soul Awareness healing clears your issues. This Repair helps to restore your power. The influence of the Chakras operating at fuller potential have a positive effect on the physical body as well as improved emotional balance. This is what I have observed in working with clients. These effects begin to change immediately and can take can take a year or more to come to completion.


Parallels Soul Group Intercession

We are caring souls afterall and are often in communication on a regular basis with members in our larger soul group They are experiencing the same difficulties as you. This non-physical communication is a call for help from them to you. Most of us were not taught the knowledge of how to answer. This can then cause us difficulties, such as not sleeping well or other general feelings of unease which have no logical cause.

Discover the influences of your soul group and the deep issues that are affecting all. A very special prayer request opens the door for resolvement and assistance with issues for you and your soul group. Preparation time is usually 1 hour plus our discussion around 30 - 40 minutes.




House and Land Clearing

Find out if there are any dark influences which are creating an unsafe space for you. This can include but is not limited to curses, spells, and enchantments that may have been put there even before you ever lived in your home. Takes about 30 - 40 minutes.

All of these are cleared by prayer request.








All my work comes from my heart connection to God, or True Source or whatever you call the Divine.

It is my wish that you become more able to manifest your soul purpose and Be the Light You truly are.











Please free to contact me with any questions you may have.


These services do not substitute treatment which may be necessary from any type of medical doctor. They are intended to support the natural healing process with prayer and your intention to follow your Divine Calling.